What Are The 5 Most Common Bad Habits That Ruin The Hair?

Having nice hair. Who doesn’t care? Who wouldn’t want to have a best hair extensions always and forever perfect? Yet, how many of us complain about damage and anomalies, despite apparently doing everything right?

The truth is that the problem, the “enemy” of a red carpet hair actually lurks in our daily lives, is well entrenched among our most common habits, those we do not even notice anymore. A wrong comb, a routine not suitable for our type of scalp, products that do not suit our skin or our pH.

There could be hundreds of reasons for this. We will analyze the five most common – and worst – bad habits that ruin the hair.

The tool with which we take care of our hair in the fundamental step, that of styling, is also one of the most important, but no one, or almost no, pays attention to it. As essential as choosing the right shampoo, and perhaps more, is to resort to the right brush. Hair should never be combed wet, never too fast and above all should be preferred bristles and natural materials such as wood, so as not to damage them excessively.

We should know, but this is the vital step not only for the success of a look, but especially to ensure the right care of the hair. You never need to raise the temperature of the hair dryer to the maximum, the result will not be a faster hair fold, rather we will get to have ruined for a long time the cuticle of the hair and its natural fiber. Same result in the case of a use of plates and similar without thermal protector.

Habits that ruin the hair? One of the most frequent is to wash more than twice a week. And perhaps with products that are too aggressive. Shampoos, conditioners and masks must be delicate and specially designed according to the characteristics of our type of hair and the entire cleaning process should never be done with excessively hot water. At too high a temperature it is advisable to always prefer a middle way, a warm temperature – or at worst cold – but never boiling.

It’s hot or we’re working and a strand of hair slips in front of our eyes: whatever the reason, for most of the day we keep our hair tied. Not always, to counteract problems, we have time to make a soft braid or a ponytail with the most suitable elastic. Very often we use too hard pliers and metal hairpins, which in going away can even “tear” violently the hair. Each of these objects is a potential enemy of our hair and one of the habits that most ruin the hair. Makeup? Never ribbons and elastics too tight.

This is one of the most common and often unintentional mistakes: coloring your hair too often or relying on people who are not real color professionals. Even more serious, rely on do-it-yourself coloring. In the hope of saving a few euros or chasing a fictitious fashion, the only result is to ruin the hair. Each treatment will in fact weaken the fiber, leaving them dull and dull.

From the brush to the hair dryer, passing through colours and ribbons: only with the right attention can we save our hair from our bad habits.

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