Trendy Hairstyles For 2019

Very short or very long, disheveled or fixed in collected hairstyles: these are the must-haves of autumn-winter for your hair.

Long hair, short hair, trends, fashion, catwalks: if these thoughts buzz in your head in view of the (just started) winter season, don’t worry! Here’s a vademecum, written especially for you, on trendy hairstyles.

Yes, also this year the summer leaves its wake and the watchword is once again: wild look! The much-loved wavy hair accompanies us this winter with many different declinations: small waves, narrow, wide, unhealthy hair in short, natural, casual look and very wild as after a long day at the beach.

Then there’s her, the real protagonist of the catwalks: the braid. The “crown” braid by Hervé Léger, proposed at the New York fashion week, stands out among all. It starts from the bottom of the side strip and the hair is woven forward creating a crown that flows laterally into a low tail.

No Half-Measures: Extra Long or Extra Short

The trendy hairstyles, however, are not over yet. This year there’s something for everyone. The most vain will be glad to know that hair accessories are back in fashion and on the catwalk we saw many: the showy flowers in the hair of Gucci and the more discreet ones of Prada, the black French style headband of Chanel, the crown of stars of Zuhair Murad, the modern and flashy “crown with headphones” of Dolce and Gabbana and so on.

And for the cuts? Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten to pay attention to lengths and shapes. The trendy hairstyles do not accept half sizes: extra long or extra short and lots of volume. From the catwalks come oversized cuts alternating with the now famous bob (also in the long lob, wavy wob and messy mob versions) and, which from the fashion of the moment has become a must that seems to no longer want to set.

Pixie Cut Revival

For the more daring, since the 50s with fury, the pixie cut is back in vogue, the cut with which Audrey Hepburn goes around in the film Roman Holiday, and that accompanied icons of all time from Liza Minelli to Madonna, from Winona Ryder to Kate Moss: super short, jaunty, fresh for a strong and very sexy woman.

An easy, disheveled fashion, practicing that of trendy hairstyles for autumn – winter, which come closer and closer to the needs of a woman with a hectic life, who needs a trendy look, but at the same time comfortable and fast and that finally if she leaves the house with her hair messed up can still feel beautiful and fashionable.

All you have to do is live this season with the styling you like best and, never like this year, you can change it!

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