Review Hair Conditioner Dipiù Cosmetics

In the “more spas”, you get more than just relaxation, they immerse their guests in a world full of balance, beauty and vitality, with life therapies, sauna oases, fitness offers and various relaxation areas, complete the personal care with professional advice from staff and the use of specific products in question.

For you today, I will tell you about one of their products, the hair conditioner “Dipiù cosmetics”.

What is This Balm and What it is for? Dipiù Cosmetics:

The hair conditioner, that is, the hair conditioner of this brand, takes care and protects the hair after each shampoo, is formulated with extracts of cactus flowers and panthenol, provitamin B5, and is free of parabens, dyes, synthetic mineral oils, as in any product in the line, and also, very important to know, no experiments have been conducted on animals with the ingredients.

How to use it:

Apply to wet hair after shampooing, massaging it gently, and then rinse thoroughly.

To whom it is recommended:

It can be used by both men and women alike, for extra hair care and for those who want to get a nourished and aesthetically well-defined hair.

My experience with the conditioner of Dipiù Cosmetics:

After having proceeded to the normal washing of the hair with the shampoo, always of the line “dipiù cosmetics”, I have subsequently applied the conditioner; having the long hair, I have used a good amount of it to try to give shelter and nourishment to my hair frizzy and dry to the ends.

As recommended, I proceeded to massage it well over the entire hair and, while I was combing to loosen the knots, the tactile sensation that I felt just below the fingers was that of velvet, instantly eliminating the rippled effect of my hair type.

When rinsed and dried, the hair remains well defined, firmly holding the fold, also giving a lot of shine to the hair, not to mention the delicious scent that emanates and envelops the entire head.


We first described that it is formulated with extracts of cactus flowers and provitamin B5, panthenol, but we see in detail in the picture also all the other ingredients:

Tot. inci 15 – Greens 7 – Yellow 5 – Red 3


The hair conditioner “dipiù cosmetics”, is packaged in a plastic tube with screw cap from the content of 50 ml and PAO of 6 months.

The texture is creamy and white, scented in an enveloping but delicate way.

How much it costs and where it is:

Its price is expressed in Swiss francs of CHF 8.00, corresponding to about € 7.35 and, can be purchased not only in their spas, but also through their website in the Buy page and in the Products category, you can view the product sheet with its price and the possibility of adding it to the cart of the site.

What do I Think of This Hair Conditioner

For me it was the first time I was able to try this brand, before I didn’t know it and I must admit that I was very satisfied with the result, the effectiveness has been promoted, I like the product and I recommend it for sure; it has an INCI in the average among the various via stamps and, we find the extract of Cactus Flower in fifth place on the list, this element that gives a very pleasant fragrance to the conditioner.

To be a product used in a luxurious spa is not even expensive, but unfortunately there is only the size of 50 ml from as I seem to see on the site, and another drawback are the high shipping costs in Europe. But who knows, maybe your next holiday will be in Switzerland and go to try them and buy them directly on the spot.

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