Long Haircuts: How To Make The Most Of Your Hair

Crosses and delights of the female world: long haircuts can be synonymous with elegance and unconditional beauty, provided that the right cut is chosen with criteria. From the stripe, to the fringe, passing through the universe of the curl or the smooth, the hair right under the shoulders are a timeless evergreen, destined to return overwhelmingly in fashion and to depopulate among the trends of next summeк.

The proposals are varied, extravagant or classic, but not all can be right for you. To make your hair fashionable, there are a few essential tricks to follow: straight or scaled, to give us a cut is essential to respect and accommodate your features. Let’s see how to show off wonderful lengths with style.

Tidy, clean, sober: this type of cut is timeless and retains a touch of glamour, as confirmed by the revival on the most fashionable catwalks in the world. The even lengths are particularly suitable for delicate features and for women who have a round face and not too long.

The ideal choice for an even cut is a particularly smooth fold, so as to emphasize the balanced proportions that characterize it. Not too long locks are recommended to frame the face, enhancing the best features. You can ask your trusted hairstylist to create a unique effect to break the balance of the face, concealing a part of it with a “rebel” tuft.

Long Haircuts: Scaled Hair

From the thickest to the thinnest, from smooth to wavy, scaled hair can represent an added value for any hair. A must of the seventies and eighties, this cut boasts a host of fans even among the stars of the moment, who have re-proposed the peculiarities: scalped hair is especially good for women characterized by not excessively marked features, whose sweet and delicate features are enhanced in some places such as chin and nose. A corvino-scaled cut combined with bright and lively tones to be obtained with a direct coloring is a guarantee to give you an amazing look, definitely punk-rock!

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Long Hair Cuts: Curly Hair

Whether wide, narrow or barely wavy, curly hair favours a variety of versatile and histrionic hairstyles, preserving, however, all the charm of a hair … lion’s hair and voluminous! There are various trendy and original solutions for a curly hair, but the main golden rule to follow is: to rely on a skilled hair stylist that knows how to enhance the best of your curls, giving them softness and definition.

Down with wild and swollen hair: with an effective hair perm you can give the right volume to your hair, if the curls are not natural. A cut with even lengths is recommended to counterbalance the typical exuberance of curls.

Long Haircuts: the Fringe

If you’re crazy about long straight hair, choosing a fringe can accentuate the symmetry and proportions to give to your hair. The fringe, in fact, is perfect for those who want to renew their image without changing radically.

Full, straight or fashionable, every style of fringe hides a secret. In fact, it is good to pay attention to the choice of the fringe: for each face, there is its own! If you have a high forehead, it is advisable not to exceed with the lengths, giving yourself a short fringe. If your long hair is wavy, instead, the choice of a climbing fringe is perfect.

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