How To Dry Your Hair Properly: All The Mistakes To Avoid

Do you know how to treat your hair during the drying process? And how many mistakes do you make among the unforgivable? Here is a list of behaviors to avoid.

How to dry your hair correctly: one of the most frequent dramas (and questions) in every woman’s daily life. There are no people perfectly able to manage the fold of their hair, if done at home. From the tools that are too hot to the choice of the wrong brushes: styling is an art, a series of movements – and rules – that are difficult to manage perfectly. What’s more, it’s not as easy, even for professionals, to bend to themselves.

A good starting point, however, is to have a vademecum to follow to avoid the most common mistakes.

To Combat Electricity

The first step, before moving on to actual drying, is to remove moisture from the canopy. As much as possible. The most common mistake is to rub or squeeze the hair too hard. The right gesture is to dab them, preferably with a towel or a clean cotton cloth, so as to keep the cuticles flat and avoid the frizzy effect.

How to Dry Your Hair Correctly: Pay Attention to Volume

Who hasn’t happened to make a fold of perfect lengths and find a general feather at the level of the roots? The most common mistake in these cases is to dry the lengths with a brush before the roots. The right procedure, on the other hand, suggests first drying the roots upside down for a few moments – so as to give volume – and then moving on to the crease of the tips.

How to Dry Your Hair Properly: Pay Attention to Volume

Proper drying of the hair is therefore a necessity that cannot be left to chance. The comb must be used strictly on each strand, otherwise the air jet will create knots on the lengths. Another mistake to avoid: change direction to the air jet, as it will cause the same problems. We will never stop repeating it: hair must always be dried from the root to the ends.

How to Dry Your Hair Properly: Don’t Exaggerate With Heat

The hair dryer must be handled with care. The temperature should be kept high only in the initial phase and then decreased as you continue with the fold. An important factor in temperature management is the air inlet, which must always be inserted; a fundamental precaution, together with distance. For a professional brushing, the hair dryer must be kept parallel to the hair and at least ten centimetres away from the lock.

Always Use a Heat Protector.

A spray, a cream, or any other texture. But a vital step for a hair fold that does not stress the hair remains the use of a product that protects the lengths from the harmful effects of heat. One walnut is all it takes to apply it to the hair, keeping it away from the root, and that’s it.

Never Be in a Hurry

The hair must always be dried to the end. Both when the fold ends with the use of the brush and the hair dryer, and when you plan to use a styling tool later as a straightener or curling iron. Keeping the lengths moist would only lead to split ends and thinning of the hair.

The Last Steps to Best Dry Your Hair

Last but not least, one of the oldest tips in the world, but it always works. That is, the last phase of drying must be done with the air jet set to cold. This little attention allows the cuticles to flatten out more, to increase the shine and to avoid the frizzy effect.

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