Hair Care: What Are The Most Common Mistakes In Hair Care?

Every day we subject our hair to stress and sudden changes in temperature. We behave in this way in a completely unconscious way because we do not recognize in some trivial actions bad habits that would be better to avoid.

So, Monica’s Mystraightener blog shared with us the statistics, what are the most common mistakes in hair care are made daily, and how to maintain the health of hair with quality products and much more.

Wrong Power Supply

One of the most underestimated aspects, when it comes to hair care, concerns nutrition. Following a varied and balanced diet, in fact, is also good for the hair. Why? Like the skin, hair also absorbs the nutrients present in food. So, a diet low in vitamins, will make the color dull and dull. Eat dried fruit instead, helps prevent hair loss while foods rich in zinc slow down aging by delaying the appearance of the first white hair. So when we think about hair care, let’s start at the table!

Washing Your Hair Too Often

There is a tendency to think that frequent washing of the hair can reduce the production of sebum and help to have a hair always clean and tidy. In fact, there is no more incorrect remedy than this! In fact, washing hair too often helps to speed up the production of sebum because frequent washing upsets the pH of the skin making it increasingly weaker and dehydrated. In this way the hair tends to get dirty more easily. Even washing them too rarely could be counterproductive so, in conclusion, every time you wash your hair? Surely there is not a rule for everyone but on average you should wait 3 or 4 days between one best blue shampoo and another. The golden rule, however, says that you should wash them when they are dirty. A truism? Not really! What makes the difference, in terms of timing, is certainly the choice of products. A shampoo for greasy hair, for example, helps to normalize the production of sebum and keep it clean for longer.

Applying the Conditioner to the Roots

Another common mistake concerns the conditioner. Most women apply it to their entire hair, without distinction. In fact, the conditioner should be spread exclusively over the lengths, leaving out the roots. The conditioner, in fact, is a denser product than the shampoo, rich in oils and nutrients that are used to soften the hair, to untangle the knots and to repair the split ends. Spreading it on the roots is therefore completely useless and also causes some undesirable effects: the hair will look dirty even after washing and will tend to be dull and heavy. The styling will last only a few hours!

Frequently Touching the Tuft, Fringe or Tips

Even touching your hair with your hands is not good for your health. Some people smooth the tuft with the palm of their hands, others comb the fringe with their fingers. These are unconscious gestures with which we take care of our appearance. In other cases, however, handling the locks is a sort of nervous tic or a feminine habit. However, whatever it means to touch your hair, whatever the reason why many people do it, it is right to know that your hands carry many germs that, in an instant, will migrate from the palm of your hands to the roots. Better to avoid, don’t you think?

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Use hair dryer and hot plate

We will never tire of saying that straighteners and hairdryers, if used at high temperatures, from allies of beauty can turn into the most bitter enemies of the hair. Among the most common blemishes due to this bad habit there are split ends and frizz but not everyone knows that the excessive heat can also fade the color and make the color more opaque, or that the hair tiles at high temperatures tend to electrify more easily during the winter. So how to remedy it? Definitely using straighteners, hot irons and professional hair dryers with temperature control. If this is not enough, then we suggest using a heat protector: a spray application on the lengths wraps the capillary fibers in a sort of protective film, which will prevent sudden changes and thermal shocks.

Do not Protect Hair From Sun, Salt and Chlorine

Headbands, bandannas and turbans are the ideal solution to protect your hair from sun, salt and chlorine! Whether by the sea or by the pool, we all tend to let ourselves go a bit and forget, however, that our skin and hair are still exposed to the action of nature and chemicals. To avoid the annoying “bale of hay” effect on your head, you should use sunscreen, rinse your hair after bathing in salt or soft water and of course wear a hat or any other accessory that may cover your head.

Sleeping With Tied Hair

Go to bed with braids to have your hair wavy in the morning: how many women are guilty of this bad habit? So many! In fact, not everyone knows that keeping your hair harvested during the night only stresses and weakens it. Whether it’s a braid or a chignon, it doesn’t matter: the hair, at night, should rest, just like the rest of the body! If tying them is really inevitable, then at least do it with some care. For example, instead of the classic nylon elastics, you prefer soft, fabric bands and bands.

Combing Wet Hair

We usually comb our hair after shampooing, when it is still damp, but wet hair is more fragile than dry hair. Hair tends to tear off more easily, which is why you lose a lot of hair in the shower or when you dry it with a brush and hair dryer. For this reason, it is advisable to brush your hair before washing. This way, you will avoid knots and you can prevent the formation of split ends, caused by the tears of the brush.

Combing Only the Tips

This does not mean that you only have to comb your toes, for fear of breaking everything else! The correct beauty routine is to comb your hair from root to tip and do it gently. Brushing your hair also means massaging the places where the hair bulbs are located, stimulating circulation and therefore hair growth. In addition, combing the roots also helps to eliminate dead skin cells and regenerate the hair. So, brush in hand, ready to give the famous 100 shots before going to sleep!

Tick Them off Thinking of Reinforcing Them

The last common mistake in women’s salons is to trim the hair with the belief that this will strengthen it. Wrong! The scissors and the parade cause a trauma to the locks and the split ends will be reformed in a short time. To remedy the problem, it is preferable to use repair products, such as making a mask or a regenerating pack at least once a week and above all, reread from top to bottom this article one, two, three, … ten times! In this way we will learn to take care of our hair in a completely spontaneous and natural way!

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