Drum lessons: using the snare drum for fusion

Another very important element in fusion drums is the so-called snare drum. Indeed, it is not possible to play percussion drums without a good snare drum. Choose the best cymbal polish.

Positioned between the drummer’s legs, slightly to the left for right-handers and slightly to the right for left-handers, the snare drum is usually 14 “in diameter by 5.5” deep.

But choosing a snare drum is really something personal. Do not forget, however, to take into consideration the different diameters, to really know which one is suitable for you.

Since it delivers unique sounds, the snare drum really allows you to customize the sound of your drums , making it specifically yours.

Do you know everything you need about the battery?

Fusion drum courses: the timpani

There are several timpani that you can add to your drums, creating the possibility of new sounds to customize the songs you follow.

However, your best bet is probably to start by purchasing the two essentials: the hi-hat and the floor tom laughs.

Fusion timpani sound quite bright, but not too bright. The resonance is medium.

Drum and hi-hat lesson in jazz fusion

The size of the hi-hat is between 8 “and 16”. However, if we are talking about a fusion kit, it will always be better to stay within a size between 10 ″ and 14 ″.

These are two eardrums placed one on top of the other, which are opened and closed by the hi-hat pedal.

In this way, it is possible to play both with sticks and with the foot.

The hi-hat is used to give the main rhythm to a song, as well as to ensure short and long accents. The eardrum, in fact, is opened at the moment of the blow.

Drum lessons and floor tom ride for fusion

The eardrum ride is certainly the most important, immediately after the hi-hat, in the field of fusion music. It can be used to impress the main rhythm or, occasionally, as a crash.

It measures between 18 ″ and 24 ″ and thus represents the largest eardrum in your fusion set .

Most often, drum kits contain a very weak ride eardrum. Then it may be wiser to invest in a thicker eardrum, which does not risk breaking at the slightest stroke of the wand.

You could choose it with or without a dome. Take into consideration the Zildjian brand which offers timpani suitable for all genres of fusion, unlike Sabian which provides far too thick eardrums for this type of music and sound.

Drum lesson: other timpani

If you really want to customize your fusion drum set a bit, then you might as well buy kettledrums like splash or crash.

These names are onomatopoeic. In fact, they evoke the very kind of sound that results upon contact between the stick and their surface.

  • The  splash eardrum  measures between 8 “and 12” and ensures the color of the music, the so-called sound effect,
  • The  crash eardrum  measures between 13 “and 22” and serves to accentuate the end of a break, for example
  • The Chinese floor tom  is not essential within a drum set, but it does provide a more aggressive sound than the crash cymbal.

In any case, we do not recommend that you buy an eardrum without having tried it first. The battery doesn’t just have to be customized, it has to be right for you too. And to this end, the best thing is to test every single element that will make it up.

An eardrum does not adjust. This distinguishes it from the other elements that make up a battery. Its sound is not modulable. It will have to fit you as you find it, from the first moment, at the store.

Don’t omit to choose your eardrums according to the sound you prefer to hear while playing your repertoire pieces.

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